Whether you are in-between houses, are traveling for an extended period of time or are looking to clean out your home and put away things that you aren't currently using, you could be wondering if a storage unit is a good place to store your artwork. Luckily, a storage unit at a facility like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage can provide you with safe and secure storage for your photographs, paintings and other works of art, but you'll need to be careful. Fortunately, if you follow these tips, you'll find it easy to protect your art while it's in storage.

1. Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

When shopping for your storage unit, you'll probably have the option to choose between a climate-controlled unit and one that doesn't have heating or air conditioning. Although it might cost a little more, it's typically best to choose a storage unit that has climate control. It will help cut down on moisture in the air and will help prevent mildew, which can protect your artwork from becoming damaged.

2. Choose a Unit With Strict Security

Some storage units have stricter security than others. First, look for one that controls the number of people who can come in and out of the storage facility, such as one with a large fence and a security code requirement to enter. You'll also want to find one that has security cameras around the premises, ample lighting and even burglar alarms on each individual unit. Then, there will be less of a chance of someone breaking into your unit and stealing your valuable art.

3. Use Protective Pads and Mirror Cartons

Invest in protective pads and mirror cartons to secure your art and keep it protected. Don't forget about the frames, either; they can typically be wrapped with newspaper or protective padding to help prevent scratches and other damage.

4. Store it Vertically

It might seem natural to stack your paintings and artwork on top of one another. Instead, try stacking your artwork vertically; if necessary, you can invest in a rack that will stand each piece up and keep it neatly separated from the other pieces. Many people also build their own painting storage racks with wood. This will help prevent heavy pictures from damaging one another.

Keeping your artwork in storage is a great way to keep it safe and out of the way. To help protect it while it's being stored, however, make sure that you follow these four tips.