An upright piano's weight starts at 300 pounds. For a baby grand piano, the starting weight is 500 pounds. The heaviest pianos are concert grands, weighing in at 1300 pounds. Now imagine being asked to move these hefty objects from one place to another and do it without harming them. That is a lot of pressure to put on two people to accomplish such a hefty task. If you then decide not to pay your piano movers, you are taking away more than just their time and effort. Avoid discord and pay them well for the following reasons.

Back-Breaking Labor

Piano movers charge seemingly large amounts to move your baby (or your grand!). The biggest reason for this is because they are performing a back-breaking task that could seriously and literally break their backs. The amount they ask is a trifle compared to what could happen to any one of them physically. If the piano were to slip and fall on someone, that person could become disabled for life, not to mention the damage to your piano. Do not skip out on paying or tipping them. They are taking grave risks to move something precious and valuable to you.

High Insurance Costs

To move heavy and valuable objects like your piano, piano movers incur expensive business and health insurance costs. They need to cover themselves and their employees against work-related injuries, work-related health expenses and possible lawsuits from dissatisfied customers. The price they charge to move your piano includes just a fraction of these costs, and they need every penny they charge for this special service.

Other Moving Expenses

Piano movers require special equipment such as a piano jack and piano dolly. With this equipment, moving the piano is a little easier than three people attempting to lift it on their own. The typical piano dolly has a starting cost of couple hundred dollars, regardless of which type of piano needs to be moved. A piano jack or hydraulic piano lift system starts at two hundred dollars plus and goes all the way up to two thousand dollars or more to lift a concert grand up off the floor. These expenses do not include the wraps used to protect the legs an body of a piano, of which a portion is added to the final cost and payment request.

Al Coda

Your piano movers from places like Extreme Piano Moving deserve what they charge and more. If they are professional, careful and deliver your piano in one perfect piece, they deserve a tip too. They work very hard and their line of work is quite costly. Thus, when a customer decides not to pay, it hurts more than the piano movers' pockets.