Now is the time to put your winter wardrobe into storage and get out all your spring and summer clothing that you put away last fall. Here are a few tips to get you started with this clothing swap:

Wash Everything!

The first thing you need to do is wash everything - and yes, that includes your coats, gloves, scarves and hats. Wash everything according to the instructions on the labels, and give them adequate time to dry. 

You'll also want to wash all of your winter shoes as well. You don't want to store dirty shoes either. If any of your shoes are leather, you will want to treat them with the appropriate leather cleaner before you store them.

Go Through Everything!

There is no point in storing winter items that you didn't even end up using this year. Before you pack up your winter items, go through them. Donate any items that look good, but you didn't use this past winter, and throw away any items that are too worn out to donate. 

Storing Your Winter Items

After everything is clean, and you've gone through all your fall and winter clothes, it is time to pack them up.

Try to purchase containers that are large enough so you can lay out your shirts and pants so that they are flat. This is a great way to make sure they don't get any permanent wrinkles in them while they sit in storage. You should also use layers of tissue paper or parchment paper in between each of your garments. This will separate your clothing and keep them crisp and clean while in storage. 

Put all your boots and winter shoes in a container where they can sit upright. In order to help your shoes hold their shape, stuff them with parchment paper or newspaper. 

If you have room in your storage unit, put up a plastic zip-up closet. You can store your coats, dresses and suits inside your plastic zip-up closet. 

Finally, don't forget to label all of your boxes!

The Switch

Once you have packed up all your winter clothing items, take them to your storage unit and switch them out with your spring and summer clothes. You may want to wash or at least fluff all of your spring and summer clothing before you put them away so that they smell fresh again. 

You'll open up a lot of room in your closet, and feel less crowded, if you take the time to switch out your fall/winter wardrobe with your spring/summer wardrobe. Just set aside an evening, and follow the instructions above!