Sometimes the grazing is better on the other side of the fence, and you do have to move your herd of cattle to grassier pastures. Because cows chomp the grass way down low to the ground, your land can be without natural feed in a year. If, after some unsuccessful attempts to regrow the grass, it may be time to pick up and move. There are movers that can move both your home and your cattle, and here is how it works.

Move Your Homestead First

The moving company you hire, like Dixie Moving and Storage Inc., to move your entire ranch to greener pastures will move the humans first. All of your belongings will go to the new homestead before your herd does. This, at least, gives you the opportunity to examine the barns and fences to make sure your cattle will be safe after the move. It also gives you a chance to settle in a little before your herd arrives.

Move Your Cattle Second

The movers who are managing your herd are trained professionals. They will herd your cattle into several cattle trucks and then drive them to the new range. Usually, they will give you a call with a destination time and date so that you can meet the cattle trucks and help unload. The movers will back the trucks up to the pasture closest to the road, open the fence gates and the cattle truck gates and let the cows out. If you also own a bull or two, the big fellas will have to be shipped in separate trucks to your new location.

Why You Cannot Just "Drive" Your Cattle 

Because there might be several miles in between your old homestead and the new one, and because cattle create a lot of damage and block traffic when they are loose, you cannot expect to move them the old-fashioned way. Since you may also intend to send some of your herd to be slaughtered for meat, cattle drives are the quickest way to toughen the meat and make it less valuable. Additionally, you would still have to sell off or hire cattle movers to take your bulls from one location to the next. If you hire movers that specialize in moving an entire ranch, cattle and all, then you, your belongings and your herd will all make it safely to the new location and without any potential profit losses, fines or lawsuits from damage caused by the cows.